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The Oklahoma City Herald Newspaper

The Oklahoma City Herald was established to provide a positive communication medium for and about Oklahoma’s minority communities. The weekly publication covers community, state, national and international news of interest to the African American population in particular, but appeals to persons of all races.

In early 2002, Sen. Angela Monson, Rep. Opio Toure, Sharon Dean, Rev. John A. Reed, Rep. Kevin Cox, Rep. Mike Shelton and Alvah Boyd came together to discuss the creation of a weekly newspaper to fill a void which existed in the Oklahoma City African American community. The publication would offer progressive news, highlighting enriching and news worthy events. Additionally, the founders hoped to encourage and support positive, productive initiatives by offering a means by which community organizations could promote and inform others of their activities and programs.  Soon after, the Community Education Project was incorporated and began doing business as The Oklahoma City Herald Newspaper. The first publication date was strategically designed to coincide with the beginning of the 2002 election cycle. Every good publication needs good news and revenue, and the 2002 campaigns provided both. On July 11, 2002, the first edition of The Oklahoma City Herald hit the news stands.

Over the years, both the retail distribution and subscription base of The Herald have grown tremendously. With a readership of more than 20,000, The Oklahoma City Herald is one of the most widely read weekly publications in Oklahoma. Many former Oklahoma residents subscribe to The Herald to remain in touch and informed of Oklahoma news.  Although only a little over four years old, The Oklahoma City Herald is also an award winning publication, having received awards from the NAACP and twice honored by the Black Liberated Arts Center (BLAC), Inc. Frequently, the publication receives letters from its readers regarding the high quality of the publication and the value of its positive take on community events. 

Current Herald staff, which is all volunteer, includes: Rev. John A. Reed, Editor; Angela Monson, Managing Editor; Alvah Boyd and Mike Shelton, Community News Editors; Carole Brown, Lifestyle and Entertainment Editor; Levi McCullough, Sports Editor, Opio Toure, State and Nation and Editorials and Commentaries Editor; Sharon Dean, Religious New Editor, and Kevin Cox, Support Chief.  Other outstanding Herald Staff members include: Felix Linden, staff writer; and local contributors, Jackie Bass, Harold E. Beatty, and Robert A. Swain. Others assisting in the production and delivery of the paper include, Eunice Kennedy, Lavonne Monson, and John Pettis, Jr. A stunning all volunteer staff, Oklahoma City Herald editors and writers are committed to the endeavor to bring “Progressive News for Oklahoma City’s Minority Community”.

The layout and format of The Oklahoma City Herald is attractive and makes it easily read. Outstanding typesetting services are provided by Dean’s Typesetting Service, Sharon Dean Owner, one of Oklahoma City’s finest minority owned businesses.

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